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Site Objectives and Goals

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Every website design project begins with a plan!

We’ve created this Website Design Checklist to help you define your requirements, preferences, and resources. When you put the plan on paper you come to know how much work is involved on your end, and possibly an appreciation of the work needed to be accomplished on our end. Please go through this Web Design Checklist and answer all questions to the best of your ability. On completion, send us the answers and we’ll be ready to begin your project ‐ or at the very least, we’ll provide an accurate estimate.

About organization

What does your organization do?

Who are your top 3 or 4 competitors? Please give the websites.

What products or services do you need?


Do you have a website?

What is the website URL

Company Insights

What are the basic goals of this project?

Establish a strong internet presence, increase marketing and product branding?

Increase sales; generate business leads?

Support existing advertising, promotional efforts?


How many pages will your Website need?

Do you have a site layout in your mind?

Can visitors buy a product or request information?

Do you have any choice of Colors, layout, design?

Any Other Special Requirement?

Do you need any Design or Graphic Services? eg. Logo, Banner, Media

Digital Marketing

Like to prefer Digital Marketing?

Like to prefer Digital Marketing?

Personal Information

Your Name

Your Phone Number

Your Email

When would you like launch your website?

How much Budget have you allocated for the project?

If logo and any document like to share with us